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Fish TeaAnother unique soup style! This Fish tea (Fish Soup) is not just tasty, its also very healthy and nutritious. The perfect "warm-up" meal.
Goat Soup (Manish Wata)Not your average soup! This very unique dish is traditionally served as an appetizer at parties and large get-togethers.
Jamaican Red Peas SoupThick, rich, and delicious! Red peas soup is a well known and all-time favourite meal. Traditionally made on Saturdays but this recipe is perfect for whenever!
Ackee and SaltfishThere is a reason why Ackee and saltfish is Jamaica's national dish! This beautiful and delicious dish makes the perfect breakfast or even dinner. The salty and firm fish perfectly complements the nutty taste of the ackee. Enjoy with some dumplings, fried plantain or breadfruit.
Soul Food Sunday: Jerk Barbecue RibsJamaican style Jerk Barbecue ribs! With a Juicy and Delicious blend of barbecue and Jerk flavor These fall-of-the-bone tender ribs will make satisfy everyone in the family.
Beetroot Juice with Condensed MilkBeetroot juice the Jamaican way! Easy to make and super delicious, this sweet and vibrant drink will transport you to the tropics with every sip!


Spice, Teas, Syrups & Tonics

We provide seasonally available fruits and vegetables. Some produce from local farmers are available in our store.


Juices, Snacks, Home Remidies & Groceries

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