College is a formative time when students experiment with new ideas and relationships. Students whose college experiences included diverse interactions report: Greater awareness of social problems, relating well to people of different races, nations, and religions, and increased independent skill and knowledge acquisition (Lou & Jamieson Drake, 2009)

Colleges and universities can recognize diversity through food. Reinventing the dining concept can add variety to menus while also making international and minority students and staff feel more at home.

As students and staff continue to express interest in global cuisine, universities can reinvent their catering and dining program to better serve this demand. Directors of dining services strive to offer a wide array of dining options. They campaign projects that create more diverse meal options that can accommodate. Trends change frequently and they strive to evolve as needed. Some local colleges focused on enhancing their diversity program, introducing Asian, Latin, Caribbean, and Southern Food catering option for international and minority students and faculty.

Looking further into international cuisines and finding ways to bring it to your institution is rewarding. D&L’s “Taste of the Tropics” catering program can help you reinvent your college diversity initiatives—a program that features an ever-changing menu of Caribbean and Southern Food cuisine.

“What better way to help teach people about cultures, inclusivity, and tolerance than through dining services with a mission of food diversity,” said Linford Hamilton, Owner of D&L Groceries and Tropical Sensation Restaurant. The catering program will have students impressed with the variety of flavorful meal options and the thankful feeling of inclusion. Taste of the Tropics is bringing together students and staff in a very harmonious and delicious way.

Leaders partnering with D&L to offer student and faculty a diversified dining program are sending a clear message that they are committed to students, no matter where they are from — “We are recognizing diversity through flavors and food.”

About D&L Tropical Sensation Restaurant
From meetings to banquets, D&L Groceries and Tropical Sensation Restaurant will professionally handle your catering requests, providing you with excellent service, a flexible menu and satisfying service. Whether your request is for coffee and muffins or a formal full-service Caribbean and Southern cuisine, D&L has the experience to make your event enjoyable and memorable. Please don’t hesitate to request input from our Executive Chef who would be pleased to provide suggestions for Caribbean, Southern Food, or seasonal item not listed on our standard catering menu.

D&L’s Diversity Catering Service is offered for events that are held both on or off campus and to the broader community.